I Want More

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Just Right Band Feat. Ve'Al
b. williams,w.williams,k.brunus,e.hall jr.


I Want More                                   B.Williams,K Brunus, W Williams & E Hall Jr.

Just Keep Giving it Up.....

Yea e Yea e yea yea ....Listen

I was out on the town, making my rounds, when I first saw you

small talk conversation, an offered invitation, a chance to be with you (Girl)

Quick 3 minute call, say hi that was all, your voice sounded so sweet (Sweet)

2nd offered invitation to cozy confrontation, a chance for us to meet


Girl, I want more, (Just keep giving it up),Baby, (Giving it up,) can I get some more(Just keep giving it up Girl,) Girl I want more (Just keep giving it up )Sugar (Giving it up)Of you Baby (Just keep giving it up Girl) Yea Yea

Took a stroll thru the park, hand and hand we would walk, your smile said everything

Relaxed my nerves, made me focus on my words and my heart began to sing (do do do do dodo)

What a difference a true romance can make , it can set your heart free, yea girl

Thats when I began to realize , yea, that you complete me

Girl, I Want More,(Just keep giving it up) Of You Baby ( Giving it up,) Sugar( Just keep Giving it up Girl) Girl I want more (Just keep giving it up)Baby,(Giving it up) C'mon ,(Just keep giving it up, Girl )Would you do that Girl


You've made me feel, like never before, You've started a fire ,I can't ignore(that I can't ignore)

Oh Girl...

You've melted my heart from it's frozen state, Oh..  I Can't turn back now it's way too late

I Want More.... I Need,  I Need   I Need  I Need Ha..... I Need More



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