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NETRADIO Extremely original, excellent project! Really good, we love a lot and we will support it. Entry in playlist on the French and Russian antennas of NETRADIO (http://www.netradio.fr). We are especially interested in spreading other Just Right Band titles on our stations!
2016-12-07 23:39:16 Christophe Marcy

DIPOL FM Good Track
2016-12-08 07:49:31 Yan Harris

CHIC MEDIA CONCEPT BELGIUM ASBL This is a good piece of groove
2016-12-08 09:50:55 Laurent Jacky

ISABELLE FM PĂ©rigueux Well, but does not correspond to what we broadcast.
2016-12-08 14:40:20

Radio Of World (ADR90 Production) Pretty cool as a song. Small mixture of Soul, RnB.
2016-12-08 18:35:29 David Auclair

Vibration Funk Great Soul RnB item. I like.
2016-12-11 11:02:11 Schulligen Laurent

Dyna'JukeBox Hello, We love, good sound that reminds us the roots of American music ... From soul to R'n'B, we are carried by this mixture of voices, titles that become very rare .. Dyna'Jukement Your Kam
2016-12-11 02:42:03 David Lancelot

POP RADIO Good title, which will pass on POP RADIO
2016-12-12 18:09:55

RTM super radio title! To discover on rtm radio
2016-12-14 15:05:43 Alain Perrocheau

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